At the edge of madness you howl diamonds and pearls.

Evilsoo’s daily struggle with life

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how to confuse Sehun.


how to pronounce “Kim Jongdae’ 

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Zhang Liyin - 我一个人 (나 혼자서) (Not Alone) MV Teaser ft. Tao

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After the countless times you've taken care of your members 
Now is the time to take care of yourself with rest

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Author’s Note: Psycho Luhan dedicated to runajoorun. I hope this isn’t too cheesy snort. Also, I should warn everyone, this story contains some violence and gore. I’ll credit the edit later. Anyways, enjoy~

I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

Foggy gray and misty blue swirled within his iris, lost in a frenzy before dissipating into nothingness. Gone. Vanished. Disappeared, almost as if it had never been there in the first place. Indeed, it might have seemed so if the young man were not there to witness the last trembling breath exhale from his lips, something more than just the air leaving with it. Luhans hands quivered on the man’s quickly cooling skin,  his fingers stuck like a vise around the corpse’s throat. A shadow of a whimper escaped his lips as he dragged his fingers away from the body, his own growing cold at the sight before him. With rattling knees, he stood up, staring down in terror, and just a hint of awe at what he’d done.  

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waking up next to this perfect human being

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Cozy Sehun (• ε •) |  Melted Cheese Fantasy 2015 Calendar 

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